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Some Losers

“The Bible Reveals What Happens When You Die” was published on YouTube by Unlocking Bible Prophecies on 2/4/21. The speaker is Dr. Duane McKey, president of Adventist World Radio. At the time I watched this video, this channel had 24,800 subscribers and the video had been viewed 60,641 times. The title is pretty simple but, unfortunately, in the video that went 47:14, there wasn’t much substance related to the expressed purpose of the video. “The Bible” used was a fake one (actually two bibles were used) and the video was mostly about Jesus coming again. If you just took Duane’s word for everything, you would be fine but if you actually studied your Bible for yourself using Duane’s “the Bible” you could become confused. See the review here.

“The Will to Power | Authentic” was posted on YouTube on 3/6/21 by Voice of Prophecy. Pastor Shawn Boonstra discusses Friedrich Nietzsche for the duration of this approximately 28 minute video. If you church gives you the option of giving online, most likely in the menu will be found the option to donate to the Voice of Prophecy. The Voice of Prophecy is an affiliate of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and was, in times past, an organization a Seventh-day Adventist could be proud of. Don’t be too proud now. See the review here.

“How Can We Look at Offerings as a Promise to God? Pastor Wilson Explains” was posted on YouTube by Seventh-day Adventist Church on 3/25/21. This 8:02 minute presentation is a plea for money by Ted Wilson, President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Ted routinely uses the fake New King James Version (NKJV). When it comes to giving, the fake bibles give the message correctly. Since I don’t wish to use a fake bible, the verses quoted in my review will be from the King James Version (KJV) since the message is the same as in the NKJV. See the review here.

“Facts or Fables: Is Hell a Real Place?” was published on YouTube by Hope Channel International on 4/28/21. Pastors Gary Gibbs and Diego Boquer try to explain Hell mostly with a fake bible. Notice how they do with a bible that is allegedly easier to read. Gary is president of the Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and should know what his bible says but he doesn’t always. Diego is a pastor and author. Gary, being a president, outranks Diego. See the review here.

“Make it Plain: Does God Care What We Eat” was posted on YouTube by Power of the Lamb on 6/1/21. The speakers are Nefer Nitty, Esq. who contributed very little, Dwayne Lemon, who is said to be an evangelist, Lance Wilbur and Pastor Ivor Myers. Since Ivor is the pastor, he deserves most of the credit for what is said. The purpose of the discussion is to show that the food we eat can affect our salvation. I think it’s pretty clear what we eat can affect our spiritual life for good or for evil and it’s not just the meat. Where Seventh-day Adventist ministers get into trouble is when they try to prove, using only the Bible, that the Levitical laws about clean and unclean foods apply under the new covenant. If they use a fake bible, they increase the difficulty in proving this immensely. See the review here.

“The Coming Sunday Law Dilemma Featuring Jon Paulien” was streamed live on YouTube on 10/31/20 by the Central California Conference of SDA. I only became aware of this on 6/29/21 since that wasn’t a channel I had subscribed to. John Paulien, PhD is the dean of Loma Linda University’s school of religion. As you read this, keep in mind that Dr. Paulien teaches future Seventh-day Adventist Ministers and that occasional church offerings are collected for Loma Linda University. See the review here.

“23. I’d Like To Know – Pr. Stephen Bohr & Pr. C.A. Murray – Bible Translations” was posted on YouTube by secretsunsealed on 7/5/21. The pastors reveal they don’t have much of a clue regarding bible translations. Neither of them has a bible they believe to be infallible (which means without ANY error) despite the fact the Sister White on page 416 of Selected Messages Book One says that “Man is fallible but, God’s Word is infallible.” See the review here.

“The Bible [Should We Take the Bible Literally?]” was published on YouTube by Seventh-day Adventist Church on 7/5/21. An unnamed woman was the moderator, there was a guy named “Morgan” and the main speaker was Pastor Ty Gibson. Ty laments that fewer people believe the Bible is true when he doesn’t believe the Bible is always true. See the review here.

“Storyline Church Online (July 31, 2021)” was published on YouTube on 7/31/21 by Storyline Church. Pastor David Asscherick is the Seventh-day Adventist minister that delivered the sermon on death using the New King James Version (NKJV), The New International Version (NIV), the New Living Translation (NLT), the Common English Bible (CEB), The Message (TM) and the Contemporary English Version (CEV). The NLT and TM are Roman Catholic Bibles. At 16:50 the Southern Adventist University name is posted and he then said he wanted welcome “those of you that are joining us from Eugene, Oregon.” Since the Storyline Church is in Eugene, OR and Southern Adventist University is in Collegedale, TN, I would take this to mean that this sermon was delivered at Southern Adventist University. The title of his sermon is “Life & Death.” See the review here.

“Can You Spot a Fake? It’s Getting Harder than Ever…” was posted on YouTube by Voice of Prophecy on 9/17/21. Shawn Boonstra was the host. As you read through this, try to answer several questions. Does the video have anything to do with prophecy? How much in the video is substantial and how much is fluff? How good is Shawn at identifying fakes? See the review here.

“‘The Purpose of Prophecy’ by Carlis Clinton” was posted on YouTube by lexingtonsdachurch on 9/25/21. This sermon had been preached the day before at the Lexington Seventh-day Adventist Church. In the sermon at 35:05 Carlis quoted James 5:17-18 from the New Living Translation because he “liked the way it was worded.” On 9/27/21 I posted what appears below in the YouTube comments section. My post was deleted shortly; I believe in less than ten minutes. I assume it was Carlis that had no sense of humor. See the review here.

“Eating Spicy Foods | Should Adventist Eat Spices?” was posted on YouTube on 9/28/21 by Amazing Discoveries. A Dr. Barbara O’Neill who is said to be a “Naturopath & International Speaker” is the main speaker. Mackenzie Drebit and Matthew Schanche were moderators. I attempted to post a YouTube comment asking where Dr. Barbara O’Niell got her degree entitling her to be called “doctor” but my post wasn’t answered nor did it appear for others to read. See the review here.

Some Winners

“‘Kings Without Kingdoms’ – Pastor Steve Wohlberg,” was posted on YouTube by John Wycliffe on 3/17/21. This is in the good section because though Steve uses a fake bible, it’s not as fake as some and he was at least willing to say the New King James Version (NKJV) has some problems. Many Seventh-day Adventist ministers who are loathe to say the NKJV has any problems are willing to nit pick the “archaic language” and alleged “problems” with the King James Version (KJV). Steve also had insight into Revelation prophecy that would be worthwhile listening to. See the review here.

“A Tsunami Warning! Pr. Randy Skeete (Courtesy of GYC)” was posted on YouTube by 2CBN TV on 3/26/21. I thought it was well worth watching. You can watch it here.

“Omega Emerging | The Emerging Church Controversy Within Adventism | Steve Wohlberg” was published on YouTube by Frontline Gospel Support on 4/1/21. The subjects are the emerging church and spiritual formation. Living Temple was a book published by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg that taught pantheistic doctrine. On page 203 of Selected Messages Book One Sister White said, “Living Temple contains the alpha of these theories. I knew that the omega would follow in a little while; and I trembled for our people.” Steve Wohlberg and some other ministers believe spiritual formation is the omega of apostasy Sister White spoke of and I believe they are correct. To watch the sermon go here.

“Omega Emerging | A Church In Change | Janet Neumann” was published on YouTube on 4/2/21 by Frontline Gospel Support. It’s not clear from the title exactly when this sermon took place but since Pastor Alex Bryan’s brief tenure as the president of Kettering College was spoken of in past tense, it would have to have been after late 2013. As best I can tell, the symposium was held in October, 2014 in the Sacramento Central S.D.A. Church in Sacramento, CA. This video is well worth watching for Seventh-day Adventists who are concerned about the paths in which some of their leaders are trying to take them. It is obvious that the emerging church and spiritual formation have not gone away; they have just been given different names. To watch the sermon go here.

“Pavel Goia / As Righteous as God” was published on YouTube on 4/24/21 by Amazing Discoveries. Pavel is a very engaging speaker and, in this sermon, explains in a clear simple way the process of conversion, i.e., the actual change from a person’s acceptance or love of sin to a person who abhors sin and actually loves righteousness. To watch the sermon go here.

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