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Some Losers

“White Out: Whatever Happened to the Gift of Prophecy?-Part2 – Mark Howard” was posted on YouTube by Michigan Conference on 7/17/19. Mark is an able defender of the Spirit of Prophecy but is deceived in regards to the inspiration of his “Bible” of choice. See the review here.

A sermon by Kelvin Duncan titled “Kelvin Duncan – The Uniqueness of the Third Angel’s Message” was posted on YouTube by 1888videos on 3/4/19. On 8/31/20 one soul decided to respond to my post. See the review here.

Power of the Lamb posted “Lip Synching Gospel Lyrics” on 7/25/20. One answer to a question in my review is self evident. If you don’t have an American Standard Version (ASV) bible, you may not know the answer to the question about where to find “Lucifer” in it. The only verse in the Protestant Bible that names Lucifer is Isaiah 14:12 but in the ASV “Lucifer” has been removed and replaced with one of the titles for Jesus Christ so there is no “Lucifer” in that bible. It’s high time English speaking Seventh-day Adventists started reading the REAL PROTESTANT BIBLE and SPIRIT OF PROPHECY BOOKS for THEMSELVES and stopped listening to and reading books by ministers who don’t believe there is any infallible English in the world. See the review here.

“After Life, After Death: What Happens When We Die?” was posted on YouTube by Seventh-day Adventist Church on 8/21/20. Pastor Chris Holland, “International Speaker, Adventist World Radio” was the speaker. He demonstrates the difficulty one encounters when using a fake bible to teach Seventh-day Adventist doctrine. See the review here.

“Ask Pastor Mark | Three Cosmic Messages Edition” was posted on YouTube by HopeLives365 on 8/29/20. In this video, Mark Finley answers questions that are coming in via YouTube and Facebook. See the review here.

The one minute video titled “Every Word – Are You Listening?” was posted on YouTube by It Is Written on 9/2/20. John Bradshaw was the speaker. Yes, the video was only one minute long. I suspect it was mostly for advertising for the other places It Is Written videos are posted. If one is going to have one’s YouTube videos monetized, one has to accept advertising and one can’t choose what is advertised. One It Is Written video I watched had advertising for the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. I understand why It Is Written wouldn’t want to accept that type of advertising so it appears they may have decided to forego being monetized on YouTube. It is in the “Loser” section because a fake bible was used and because with just a few more seconds; thirty tops; he could have quoted the passage that shows how one is to cure spiritual deafness. See the review here.

“Line Upon Line – Ep. 9” was posted on YouTube by It is Written on 9/7/20. John Bradshaw and Eric Flickinger sit at a table and answer various “Bible” questions that have been emailed to them. John said, “We go to the Word of God and do our very best to find in the Word of God an answer to the questions that are burning in your mind.” Note that both “Bible” and “Word of God” are singular. It’s not clear what they consider to be the “Word of God” since John uses mostly the King James Version (KJV) in this video and Eric mostly the New King James Version (NKJV). As you will see, Eric runs into some problems. See the review here.

““The Paradox of Good & Evil ” – Pastor Stephen Bohr” was posted on YouTube by Daily Hymns on September 21, 2020. Pastor Bohr apparently doesn’t understand what his fake bible, the New King James Version (NKJV), says in English. See the review here.

“11 I’d Like To Know – 2020 – Pastor Bohr & Pastor Murray” was posted by secretsunsealed on YouTube on 9/30/20. In this video the men give answers to “Bible” questions which both men try to answer using their fake bible; i.e., the New King James Version (NKJV). One of the questions, “Does the Bible forbid us to eat Duck meat?” came up about 19:53. See the review here.

“Bible Study – Let us Keep the Feast – Feast of Tabernacles” was posted by Third Angels Message David Barron” on YouTube on 10/2/20. My response was on 10/3/20. As of the time this was written, this channel had 22,800 subscribers. I didn’t listen to the whole thing. There is a segment of Seventh-day Adventism whose adherents claim one should keep the Jewish feasts whilst claiming to base their belief on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. They tend to give protracted arguments using a plethora of Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy references but have difficulty getting to the point. Listening to them is like watching paint dry. Pretty much the same things can be said about those promoting what I call the “one God theory,” a.k.a. Unitarianism. See the review here.

“20201003 | The Glorious Appearing | Pastor John Lomacang (tvsdac)” was posted on YouTube by the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church on 10/3/20. From what I’ve seen, John almost exclusively uses the New King James Version. See the review here.

“Line Upon Line – Ep. 13” was posted on YouTube by It Is Written on 10/5/20. Pastors John Bradshaw (Speaker/Director of It Is Written) and Eric Flickinger (Associate Speaker of It Is Written) presided. Despite an email I sent to them on 9/8/20 containing a link to one of my reviews of one of their YouTube postings, they are still under the impression that the New King James Version (NKJV) is “the Bible.” When they were accepting advertising, one of the ads that came up for me was on the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. They no longer have ads on their channel but have had porn there without knowing it. I will not describe what the porn was since I don’t wish to pollute your mind. I deleted those posts by reporting them as porn to YouTube. What they apparently are still oblivious to is the fact that those little pictures called “profile pictures” by the names of posters takes you to their channel. On the day this episode was posted, there were two posters with women’s names whose profile pictures couldn’t exactly be called porn but when you clicked on the picture, it took you to their channel where there were multiple porn offerings. I added a comment warning John and Eric about this overlooked filth. See the review here.

“Answers In Prophecy: Earth’s Final Warning (Ep. 8)” was posted by It Is Written on YouTube on 10/18/20. I felt like starting out with, “Have you lost your mind?” I toned it down a bit and instead said, “I have to ask, do you understand ENGLISH? Around 45:31 you quote Hebrews 9:11-12 from the New King James Version where it says Jesus entered (PAST TENSE) the ‘Most Holy Place.’ That means Jesus has already entered (PAST TENSE) the ‘Most Holy Place” at the time Paul wrote this. That pretty much torpedoes the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine about Jesus entering the Most Holy Place in 1844.” It Is Written screens posts before they go public so I doubt my comment will ever get a public view except here. Everything is happy, happy, happy while a fake bible that teaches incorrect doctrine is used and the minister, in this case John Bradshaw, is apparently clueless as to what he has done.

“Special Message to all Pastors across the world” was posted on YouTube by Sermons Room on 10/29/20. I don’t know when the talk was given. This was apparently part of a series of talks given to pastors at Union College in Lincoln, NE with the speaker being Randy Roberts who has been the senior pastor at the Loma Linda University Seventh-day Adventist Church since 2000. At one time he was a professor of religion at the Loma Linda University school of religion. Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Jr. (former president of the Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists) and his wife pastor Beth Halvorsen (a.k.a., Buffy) were in the audience and known to Randy Roberts. Randy went to school in Keene, Texas at the same time Ron Halvorsen, Sr. taught there and at the same time Ron Halvorsen, Jr. was there. See the review here.

A sermon by Pastor Ryan Day was preached at the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church on 11/14/20 and was posted on YouTube on 11/16/20. The YouTube title is “20201114 | What Is Truth? | Ryan Day”. Ryan makes frequent appearances on the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN). See the review here.

“Hell: Revelation’s Lake of Fire” was posted on YouTube on 11/19/20 by Hope Through Prophecy. Dustin Pestlin is the speaker and demonstrates that he doesn’t always know what his fake bible, the New King James Version (NKJV), says. See the review here.

“Daniel’s Ancient Symbolic Prophecy For Our Day!! ( Daniel 2 | Prophecy Sermon Series) was posted on YouTube on 11/21/20 but was a sermon delivered in Sandpoint, ID on 10/9/20. Mark almost exclusively used the New King James Version (NKJV) in this sermon and demonstrated that he doesn’t always know what it says. Since Mark doesn’t know what his “Bible” says, his sheep won’t either. See the review here.

“Breaking Pope Prophecy Update: The Pope is Urging Everyone to PRAY FOR THE DEAD!! – We were warned!!” was posted on YouTube by Amazing Prophecies on 11/28/20. Mark Fox of Forever Free Ministries is the speaker and once again demonstrates he has no single bible he can depend on but he strongly favors the New King James Version (NKJV). See the review here.

“After the Final Breath What Happens After You Die” was posted on YouTube by Seventh-day Adventist Church on 12/2/20. Cami Oetman, a vice president for Adventist World Radio, is the speaker. My impression is that she is sincere and uses her fake bible because that’s what she was taught to do by some who should know better. It’s not all bad. You can tell she has done some thinking for herself so she makes some good points some of the more experienced purveyors of gospel truth usually fail to make. One thing going for her is that she is better looking than Mark Finley, Mark Fox, Stephen Bohr and even Doug Batchelor. See the review here.

“Is Hell Real? The One Thing Most Christians Don’t Understand About Hell & The Millenium” was posted on YouTube by Seventh-day Adventist Church on 12/9/20. Cami Oetman was the speaker. It is number nine of a series titled “Unlocking Bible Prophecies 2.0 Master Class with Cami Oetman” who is the Vice President of Adventist World Radio. Her presentation is a bit breathy; some may like that. See the review here.

“How Did We Get The Bible? – Pastor Gary Jensen” was posted by secretsunsealed on 1/6/21. Gary promptly demonstrates that in addition to having trouble understanding English (though he talks about the Greek), he doesn’t really believe there is an infallible English Bible anywhere in the world. He says he has made “a very detailed study” of how we got the Bible but is amazingly oblivious to what has happened in the new bible versions. I’m surprised that Secrets Unsealed would put a sermon like this on their channel but maybe I shouldn’t be. See the review here.

Some Winners

“Omega Emerging: Adventism’s Emergence – Alexa Hernandez” was posted on YouTube on 1/13/15 by Belem Juda which has a whole 113 subscribers. In the five years since this was posted it has only accumulated 6,288 views and it deserves more. It is one of the presentations of Operation Iceberg which was a symposium on the emerging church held at the Sacramento Central Church in October 17 and 18 of 2014. See the review here.

“Walter Veith & Martin Smith – Conspiracy Theories?, Depopulation, UFO’s – What’s Up Prof? 24” was posted by Amazing Discoveries Africa on YouTube on 8/13/20. The title is a good summary of this presentation. See the review here.

“White Out, Part 5: Reading Ellen White, Part 1” was posted on YouTube by Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism on 9/3/20. It is one of the sermons preached by Pastor Mark Howard at the 2019 Michigan Camp Meeting. This is sermon 5 of 6. Mark does use a fake bible, the New King James Version (NKJV), but he somewhat redeemed himself by his staunch and able defense of the Spirit of Prophecy. His able defense of the Spirit of Prophecy is why I have this in the winner category rather than the loser category. See the review here.

“The Biblical Worldview” was published on YouTube by Sabbath School Daily around midnight on 10/19/20. The discussion was short and mostly fluff. Though I don’t think either of the speakers believe there is an infallible Bible anywhere in the world, I put it in the winners list because one at least said the Bible version was important and was kind enough to answer my post. One of the speakers was Pastor Luccas Rodor and the other was Bradley Burnham. Someone who described himself as “salty;” i.e., John T, referred to them as “prs” which I take to mean pastors; perhaps John T knows them. I don’t know if Bradley Burnham is a pastor as he isn’t identified as such on the video. See the review here.

“Did Jesus Enter the Most Holy Place When He Ascended? | Taariq & Adam Patel” was live streamed on YouTube by Power of the Lamb on 11/21/20. Pastor Ivor Myers is the moderator and a commentator. Pastor Taariq Patel and his brother Adam do a lot of the talking. Adam said he had damaged frontal lobes and had only completed high school. If Adam has damaged frontal lobes, he didn’t show it. Both Taariq and Adam used the King James Version (KJV) which blows holes in the theory that the KJV is too hard to read. If Adam can do it, our professional purveyors of “Truth” should also be able to handle it. See the review here.

“Walter Veith & Martin Smith – ‘Sons of God; daughters of men’ Who are they? – What’s up Prof? 45” was published on YouTube on 1/7/21 by Amazing Discoveries Africa.” I really like listening to Walter and I’ve learned a lot from him. The “What’s up Prof?” series is published on YouTube during the week. I save it and my wife and I watch it Sabbath afternoon after church. God has blessed Walter’s ministry. See the review here.

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