Some Reviews of Seventh-day Adventist YouTube Presentations


Some Losers

HopeLives365 posted the video by Mark Finley, “(SDA Sermon) Mark Finley – ‘Finishing Strong’ – 2019” on 7/26/19. In it he reads a verse from what he calls “Taylor’s translation.” How many people in even a large Seventh-day Adventist church know what Taylor’s translation is? Do you think Mark Finley didn’t know that probably no one in the congregation would know what it was and that almost everyone would know what it was by its real name? See the review here.

The video, “’Baptism: 10 Bible Facts You MUST Know!” was posted by Hope Through Prophecy on 12/7/19. The speaker is Dustin Pestlin. He apparently isn’t aware of the real meaning of one passage he uses from the New King James Version. See the review here.

The video, “’The Cosmic Conflict Over Gods Character’ – Pastor Doug Batchelor” was posted by Aaron on 9/20/19. See the review here.

The video, “’The 144000’ – Pastor Stephen Bohr” was posted by Aaron on 12/10/19. See the review here.

The video, “Bible Question Show Is There Proof Jesus Was Born Dec 25?”, was posted by HopeLives 365 on 12/13/19. Pastor Chris Holland answers questions. It is a recording of the “Ask Pastor Mark Live” show that’s usually hosted by Mark Finley each Sabbath on Facebook. See the review here.

On 12/16/19, HopeLives365 posted the video, “What is Hell (Bible Truth You’ve Never Heard!)” with Mark Finley as the speaker. He used exclusively the New King James Version and seemed unaware of the problems in it. See the review here.

The video, “DID ANGELS MARRY HUMANS? ‘The Mysterious World of Angels’ With Doug Batchelor (Amazing Facts)” premiered on 12/17/19. See the review here.

The video, “Doug Batchelor – From Reading to Understanding (Sabbath School Study Hour” was posted by SDA Burgas on 12/26/19. See the review here.

The video, “193. It Is Written TV: ‘Man of Faith’ (Complete) PBMC” by John Bradshaw was posted by BibleTruth101 on 12/27/19. See the review here.

It Is Written published the video “It Is Written – That I May Receive My Sight” on 12/27/19. John Bradshaw was asking for donations to a project in India. I haven’t been banned on that site yet but probably will be. See the review here.

Commentary on the video “’Come Out of Her My People’ – Pastor Stephen Bohr” posted 12/31/19 by Aaron. See the review here.

This is commentary on the video “5 Good Reasons Bible Prophecy and You To Believe the Bible 1 David Asscherick” that was published on 1/3/20 by It’s ironic that David Asscherick was using the New International Version, one of the most corrupted bibles, to show why you should believe the Bible. As expected, there was no response to my questions. See the commentary here.

The video, “’Weapons in the Church’ with Doug Batchelor (Amazing Facts)” published on 1/8/20 by Doug Batchelor. See the review here.

The video, “’Should You Break A Promise To The Devil?’ with Doug Batchelor (Amazing Facts)” was posted on 1/22/20. I believe there should be a new bible version called the Version of Doug (VOD). See the review here.

The video, “Bill Gates Coronavirus DEPOPULATION. Satan Brought Diesases God is Being Blamed. Climate Guillotine” with Emmanuel Nougaisse speaking was posted on YouTube on 1/30/20. EmmanueI posts some useful videos but was a bit off on this one. I believe he is correct when he says the climate change invention is to further the Vatican’s agenda to make Sunday the accepted holy rest day. That said, one should not accuse Bill Gates of wanting to kill people with vaccines without posting incontrovertible evidence that in fact, that’s what Bill Gates wants to do. See the review here.

The video, “Doug Batchelor – Truth and Choice or Poison Devils…” was posted by SDA Burgas on 2/2/20. Doug Batchelor and Jean Ross once again demonstrate that they believe there is no infallible Word of God in this World. See the review here.

The video, “Reaping the Sanctuarys Benefits #6 Pastor Stephen Bohr” was posted by Daily Hymns on 2/10/20. Answered is the question of why, out of about twenty-nine Scripture references, did Stephen Bohr have to use one from the King James Version instead of from his favorite bible, the New King James Version. If he hadn’t seen the problem, he never would have used the King James Version. See the review here.

The video, “CORONAVIRUS: It’s NOT Over!!! – You NEED to Know These Bible Prophecies!!!” was posted by Amazing Prophecies 2/23/20. Mark Fox speaks on clean and unclean meats using the New King James Version. See the review here.

The video, “The Sanctuary’s Two Covenants #9 Pastor Stephen Bohr” was posted by Daily Hymns on 3/3/20. Stephen Bohr demonstrates he doesn’t have full confidence in any one “Bible” and that his belief is that if you wish to know what God says, you must know things like Greek and Hebrew. Alternatively, you must believe someone who knows Greek and Hebrew. See the review here.

The video, “Equipping The Saints – 3 of 3 – Kameron DeVasher” was posted on YouTube by secretsunsealed on 3/5/20. Kameron DeVasher, like so many other Seventh-day Adventist ministers, demonstrates that he doesn’t believe ANY “Bible” is infallible and that he is at liberty to edit, pick and choose whichever one he likes because he likes what it says. For what it’s worth, Kameron is a son-in-law of Ted Wilson. See the review here.

The video, “Prophetic Panorama 2 of 20 – Pastor Stephen Bohr” was posted on YouTube by secretsunsealed on 3/6/20. Pastor Bohr has to abandon the New King James Version several times because it doesn’t say what he needs it to say. See the review here.

The video, “Pr. David Gates – The wise shall understand” was posted on YouTube by RedAdvenir Television on 3/28/20. Pastor Gates appears to have come up with a new time prophecy that he says isn’t a time prophecy. This isn’t the first time he has set dates when he denied setting dates. One of those episodes happened in 2018 and was publicly rebuked by three prominent Seventh-day Adventist ministers that don’t believe there is an infallible English Bible anywhere in the world; i.e, Doug Batchelor, Mark Finley and Stephen Bohr. That sermon of 10/17/18 can be seen on YouTube (“Even at the Door” by Uncle David Gates). See the review here.

The video, “The New Heart Revival ‘The Thief On the Cross” with Doug Batchelor” was posted on YouTube by Doug Batchelor on 4/10/20. Doug is heavily represented on this page because he is a pastor that has many sermons on the internet and is highly respected and even reverenced by many sheep. The sheep don’t understand what he is saying because they have been too lazy to study the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy for themselves. I had thought I would say no more about Doug Batchelor but what he said on this video needed rebuttal. See the review here.

Some Winners

On 8/16/19 the YouTube video ”Prof. Tim Ball provides a comprehensive overview of the eugenic origins of CO2 alarmism” was posted by Swarna Bharat Party. Dr. Ball is not a Seventh-day Adventist but the video exposes the fraud of the alleged human caused global warming which will be used to mandate a weekly day of rest. Guess which day that will be.

On 12/17/18 Amazing Word Ministries posted the video “Seventh Day Adventist General Conference Hired Porn Movie Star To Play Ellen White ‘Tell The World.’” The film, Tell the World, was financed through the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists so I presume it’s your tithe and offering money at work. The lead characters include William Miller (played by Bill Luke) and Ellen White (played by Tommie-Amber Pirie). Among other credits, Bill Luke starred in Queer as Folk, a series “about a group of gay friends.” In 2016 Tommie-Amber Pirie had a part in How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (a sex comedy) and in 2017 had a part in Below Her Mouth (about two women in Toronto who begin a passionate love affair). On page 137 of Evangelism it says, “Not one jot or tittle of anything theatrical is to be brought into our work.” Ironic; a film about Ellen G. White and they no longer care about what she said.

The video, “General Conference Supports EQUALITY ACT. Probation Closed 1982 EUCHARIST god. SDA Church Hijacked” was posted by Amazing Word Ministries on 12/17/19. Pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse discusses the infiltration of homosexual sentiments into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. See the review here.

The video, “Adventist Oakwood University Babylonian WINE.Pope Francis Prayer For The Dead WE DON’T DIE SOULphone” was posted by Amazing Word Ministries on 1/2/20. Among other things, pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse discusses the “SoulPhone” which is a device that allegedly lets you talk to departed loved ones. Around 29:36 into the video a clip is posted of a Baptist minister that was invited to speak at Oakwood University. One of the things that minister said was, “When you get hooked up with Jesus you don’t just wait to go to heaven, wait to die to go to heaven.” In other words he was saying you go to heaven when you die. The Spirit of Prophecy advises us not to attend services in any of the fallen churches unless we have a clear God directed duty to be there. How is inviting a minister from one of those churches to speak in a Seventh-day Adventist pulpit any different than attending their meetings? See the review here.

The video, “Walter Veith & Martin Smith – What’s Up Prof? – Episode 1” was posted by Amazing Discoveries Africa on 2/27/20. Pastor Walter Veith was the main speaker. I have learned a lot from him and have about two feet of his videos. He is the only Seventh-day Adventist minister that I’ve heard say there are “some problems” with the New King James Version but he occasionally uses it. My question to him would be, if there are “some problems” with it why use it? In any case, he was one of those who enlightened me on some corruptions in the new bibles for which I’m grateful but I suspect that after reading thousands of pages on the subject over several years I may know more about that than he does. Walter mostly uses the King James Bible and posted a verse from that Bible in this video. The commentary is just an illustration of some of the problems he would have encountered if he had used one of several other new bible versions. See the review here.

There a couple of videos posted on YouTube by secretsunsealed I can recommend. The first was posted on 3/5/20 and was titled “Watch and Pray 002” and the second was posted on 3/6/20 and was titled “Watch and Pray 008” both with Eric Wilson of Isaiah Ministries speaking. Anyone who is involved with or contemplates being involved with martial arts, yoga, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis or one of the various Eastern healing arts should listen to him. Also uncloaked are some of the abominations underlying Hollywood movies.

On 4/5/19 the YouTube video ”Dr.SHIVA Speaks on X22 Spotlight” was posted by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Dr. Vellayappa Ayyadurai Shiva is an eminent scientist who exposes the fraudulent exploitation of fear in the COVID-19 pandemic by the deep state elite who are trying to change public policy for their benefit. Dr. Shiva is not a Seventh-day Adventist but is very credible in what he says. The human caused global warming fraud and now the COVID-19 epidemic are being used to promote the interests of the Vatican. In my opinion, it’s going to be said that human caused global warming (which doesn’t exist) is the cause of the pandemic. One of the cures that will be promoted will be to mandate a weekly rest day and that day won’t be the seventh day Sabbath.

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